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      Taicang DELTA Precision was set up in 2004, be committed ourselves to miniature-hydraulic,minimally invasive medical,precision measuring instrument and other industries clients to customize high precision miniature parts. The precision processing technology was awarded a number of patents,obtained the certificate of High-tech enterprise by the Jiangsu Provincial science and technology department and certificate of Private scientific and technological enterprises in Jiangsu. DELTA also has IATF16949 and ISO13485quality system with more than 10 years of precision machining experience,is a well organized factory.

      The Specific Products:electro-hydraulic servo valve Miniature hydraulic parts,high speed railway damper valve seat,precision Nozzle,gun jet,nozzle holder,nozzle head(CNC high pressure cleaning equipment),Special needle,alimentary canal stent knitting die,hernia repair surgical instruments, skull drilling bit (minimally invasive surgical instruments),various fine long axis, high precision instrument miniature parts, high precision axis grinding and so on.

      During the past decade, we have provided products and services to customers in China, Germany, Holland, Denmark, Czech, U.S. and so on. We will continue to work together with world-class companies to create a better future, relying on our technology and reputation.