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      Receive complaints, inform Production Depart & Quality Depart immediately.

      External Action

      Communicate with customers right now,

      Confirm the details of complaints, such as item no.,

      quantity, current status, batch no, reject ratio and etc.

      Internal action

      Hold a customer complaints meeting

      ① Check that if there are the same reject problem in the stock;

      ② Check semi-finished product, work in process and transit that if there are similar reject problem;

      ③ Analyze the preliminary reason and temporary improvement measures with relevant depart head;

      ④ Replenish or replace parts.

      Quality Engineer

      Call up relevant depart head to analyze the root cause of NG part, with 5 Why analysis or Fishbone diagram.

      Responsible Depart Head

      Identify root cause of NG and corresponding permanent corrective action, and train all relevant staff; Count the monthly performance of the responsible person.

      Implement permanent corrective action

      Update permanent corrective actions in related procedure documents、work instruction and training related personnel.

      Customer complaint closure:

      quality engineer prepares 8D report, and documents the relevant evidence to the customer (if necessary), and the copy is archived.