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      Specific Products Include

      Miniature Hydraulic

      Electro-hydraulic servo valve hydraulic miniature parts

      Rail Transit

      Shock absorber seat, safety valve

      High-pressure Cnc Cleaning Equipment

      Nozzle, spray gun body, nozzle holder, nozzle head

      Minimally Invasive Surgical Instruments

      Special needle, alimentary canal stent knitting die, positioning hook, hernia repair surgical instrument, head bit, etc

      High Precision Measuring Instrument Parts

      various high precision slim axis, various kinds of high precision optical small parts

      Axis Grinding

      Extra precision internal and external grinding,inner wall precision ±0.001mm

      Due to NDA, most of product pictures can’t be uploaded in the website, there are many years machining experience for all of above specific products. We look forward to more clients from different industries to customizing and developing high precision miniature components……